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Here at Long Branch, the pace of life is slower.

The country air is crisp and nature is your neighborhood. As one resident explained rather simply, “the pressures of life just melt away as you take that turn into Long Branch.” 


A popular destination for hiking and mountain biking, Lookout Mountain boasts an extensive trail system which uniquely travels through Long Branch. Now known as the Cloudland Connector Trail, this 30 mile trail system connects Nick-A-Jack Road and Cloudland Canyon State Park.


The barn is the center of the community and provides residents with equestrian facilities including on-site boarding and riding arena. The nearly 8 miles of trails within Long Branch are maintained by residents and volunteers in the community. The trails provide physical health, mental well-being and learning. 




Every time I visit this lovely and unique community, I am always transported to a place, where for a moment,  time slows down a bit an I am able to take in the beauty of nature. I have had the privilege of visiting Longbranch several times and each time I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the property and the way of life the residents have established there. Click here to see some beautiful images by Lane Brown Park. They will truly transport you and give you just a glimpse of this special place and of life at Long Branch!

Ann Anderson
Interior Designer & Blogger


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